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Lenka felt a strong burning sensation, but said nothing.
– Whipping!

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Whipping! Whipping!
Light rhythmically struck.

Lena buried in the pillow, trying not to cry.
She was very sick, buttocks already throbbing.

Whipping! Whipping! Light struck ten blows, and Lena still did not cry out – she just moaned, buried in the pillow.

Svetlana did not like it:
– You’re going to continue to play partisan? – Asked the Light and inflicted three hits in a row to the same place.
Lenka desperately clenched her fists, but made no sound.

Svetlana finally angry.
– You want to say that spanking does not take you, huh?

Now let’s see.
Svetlana began to lash Lena thighs iso all forces.

– Whipping! Whipping! Whipping!

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