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Read continued: While her husband was away on business. 4. In the episode.

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Episode 5. Angry old man. Episode 6. store. Episode 7. Sauna.

Episode 8. In the park. Episode 9 photos. Episode 10. mechanic.

Episode 11. In the bus.
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To unwind a little, I go through the city, walk. Day – year, on the street – people, all dressed lightly, I – in the sundress is so short that it barely – my ass, emphasizing (Wow!) My long legs.

Contrary to custom, I – in pantyhose.
– Excuse me, can you bother? – Sudden peasant.

Neither Zhigalo or macho or pirate or metrosexual – provincial, I’d say: the village (judging by his “o” in the word “can disturb”).
– My first visit to your city.

You have a very beautiful city, I really liked. Sexchatlve.


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