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Flashed Pushkin Great, I looked at the Pit, still with downcast eyes, and even closer to her. Now we sat, legs cross over, my hand touched her breast, her breath was heard.

It took some time. We turned off the light and still sat on the floor next to each other.

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Asyka came and knocked on the door. We froze.

Asyka saw that the light is not on, just in case quietly knocked again and left. Steps Asyka frozen along the corridor, and we all just sat silently and motionless.

When Yama resolutely stood up, I went cold inside. I also got up and hugged her.

Yama gave me a hug. I saw that she was looking at me, but in the dark could not see her expression.

Pit! – I said, do not let go of it. Sexchat randem.

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