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He could not wait to return quickly to the “Argo” and see a loved one.

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But suddenly he felt alarm. The unusual silence prevails in the forest.

Everyone froze. As before the storm.

Hercules stopped and heard in the silence: “Hercules …”. This is the voice of Hylas, calling for help.

The heart contracts and begins to beat.
Hercules throws pine tree on the ground and shouted:
– Hylas!

From its powerful scream shook the air and rustled the leaves on the trees.
But no one answered.

– Hylas! – Again cried Hercules.
I could hear a bird, flew away in fright.

– Hylas! – Cried the unfortunate Hercules.
Anxiety and anxiety arose in the air.

Faint echo – not a sigh, not a groan, as if from a great distance voice spoke Hylas.
Hercules can not understand where is the voice. Sexy bhabi chat.

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