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It is necessary to call the police. – Alex told him. Lyoshka brought the phone and called.

Maxim suddenly cried, seeing something in the box:

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– Quiet, here are his friends!
Alex ordered:
– Pick up something heavy and stand next to the door – and he took the gun.

Two friends did as he said, and after a while they heard the sound of a door opening.
– Hey, Dinh, I think he’s in trouble. – Said a voice. – In my opinion, dunk it.

– Well, come on, – replied the one who called Dinh.
Two strokes hit on the head included.

They fell to the floor, quietly banging his wooden surface. Here in the house came third and his head hit the gun accurately fired Alex.

The owner and two friends quickly tied the four bandits backs to each other.
– What do we do now? – Max asked.

– Wait for the police. Sex chat video online.

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