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– Scalpel!

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– That’s scalpel, sir.
– Most of the saw!
– Most saw, sir …

* * *
– Helen, Helen, wake up! – The voice coming from the darkness, seemed familiar. She opened her eyes and blinked in the dim reddish light.

Bare red light cast a dim red light on the walls of a large unfamiliar room. Here she had not been, blurred brain frantically struggled prnpomnit all that was before she lost consciousness.

She shuddered at the thought of touching the body disgusting hairy hands Harper. And again the same voice:
– Helen, I’m Monica, I’m here at the wall, Helen turned her head and tried to peer into the dark red.

– Monica! – She cried with relief – I thought you were dead. Oh, Monica, how happy I am that you’re still alive!

– Well, well, maybe you and happy, but I could certainly not. Fuckers chat online.

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