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In the end, the priest, I’m hungry, I’m thirsty.

What is so special about you that through a lot, I easily climbed, and through you – well, not like?

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Near you, I had to grow old.

Well, look at me! Why should I tell you? Bloated, bald freak.

At first I bald right leg, then back, and then it is all the rest.
And the stomach that you adore to insanity!

What do you see in him? Perhaps it reminds you of our unborn children.

Soon my time comes to die. And you always stay young.

Your face, chest – all can grow old. What could be sadder sight than the chest of an old woman?

You, priest, will always be fresh and supple. Everything else can attach to you my “perverse”, you say, consciousness.

Last time I like to fasten to your body medieval maid. And I’m wandering adventurer, staying at a hotel at the post. Chaturbate moldova.

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