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– Okay, I’ll call you – I promised, looking Evgenia so that her image would be remembered for a long time.

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It looked simple enough: her hair at the nape of the fastening hairpin, forming a “tail”.

The wind blew a piece of hair, do not fall into the hairpin. Slightly narrowed eyes with quiet interest considered sailing past the mountains.

Cotton flowered dress clung to his chest, leaving open the neck and hands. From the waist pleated dress went hiding her curvy hips and knees.

Under the dress, I knew there were only white panties, and they, along with the dress, creating an illusory effect of decency, luxurious draping a woman’s body, but I somehow remembered how quickly it all dumped …
– Here I come – deliberately cheerful voice I announced.

– Goodbye – a quiet voice said goodbye my fellow traveler. Chat sexy girls.

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