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– Release of – turned to someone lieutenant. In the window appeared hamovatoe and happy face of one of the sergeants.

After leaving, I saw Eugene, sitting on a rock near the tree and detachment staring at one point. Since I removed the handcuffs.

Car door shut and roared motor, “Bobby” sped away, disappearing into the darkness. We were left alone.

Jack sat somehow helpless. In the light of the Moon makes its way through the trees I saw stuck together scenes from sperm Zhenya’s hair shirt in the chest too wet.

Semen glistening skin and chin, and neck, and on the inside of the thighs. I was more than a meter away from Eugene, but sugary smell was in my very nose.

– Give me a cigarette – she whispered.
– What are you, you f threw a few years ago – I was a little taken aback.

– Give me, I said! – Jack growled at me. Ww bangla chat free.

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