So she travels alone, wondered head Marina.

Not knowing why, and what will happen. Marina was held at the end of the bus and sat down next to her.

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Lena looked at her a little confused and clear in an empty bus there are plenty of locations where you can sit down, why take it to her?
After reading a dumb question in the eyes of the girl.

Marina not wine smiled.
– I’m sorry that so addicted to you in a brazen, just completely empty bus and go together it seems to me much more interesting to me, why would name is Marina.

And this imposing man your dad?
– Yes I Am. This is my dad.

I’m going to Mamaia on base. Passed the exams. But he can not.

That’s his job. – Replied the girl. Her eyes warmed, it seems she liked Marina and she was not averse to share the monotony of the trip with a nice fellow traveler.

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