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– Wait a minute. – Quietly muttered ya.- You promised that you will be six … But you 10 ?!

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– You got me, bitch !!!! – growled the bull, who brought us here.

– You Lena? – Asked the boss Lenka.
-Yes I Am …

– Calm down his slut! Imagine that you are “Ms”, and it’s yours “slave” … to make so that she calmed down, no one ever contradicted and more silent! – Saying this boss laughed.

To my surprise Lenka suddenly jumped up, came up to me and gave me a slap in the face scale, I screamed … Nobody never let me beat, especially in the face …

In an instant, Lena grabbed my head with both hands and began to kiss passionately … I’m not thinking, what’s going on.

We have a couple of times with Lenka kissing … But we were drunk together … Live sex chat anty.

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