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– Well, I guess.

I’m only twelve, and then leaving. If so, it will no longer interfere with your sleep.

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– Do not you understand, Michael, I’m much older than you, and we have nothing good can happen.
– Well, older, so I love you and I can not?

It’s all nonsense. After all, I already love, and no one can make me …

Yes, what I mean? If you do not want …

There was an awkward silence, which was interrupted by light, said:
– Swim? Went ashore to sleep on the sand, there’s talk.

No water.
They went to the beach. Bear was not in the spirit.

Spread the clothes lay on it.
– You wonder offended Misha.

I understand you may really like me, but I was shocked that you are, quite simply. I could not even know about it.

Seen you several times in the village, then when you was arranged to work with us and all. Sexchat with strangers.

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