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Give me a pitcher, and I run, I was waiting for other things to do.
I’m not in a hurry to fulfill her request, omit pitcher at his feet, taking her by the hand and pull to yourself:

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– I understand, things to do, but Dare to another mercy: sit down side by side, give me the opportunity to admire you, like this, to kiss you …

– Well, if only for a moment – she agrees, I have trampled down on the straw.
– Today you are even more beautiful than yesterday, so charming that … words matching the excitement I can not find …

And the lips! Now I will never forget the taste! .. Can I kiss them more Razik?

– We know this already Razik! – Fun she says and gives into my disposal his full, sensual lips.
– You are right – I utter, stopping for a moment to catch his breath – the more partakes of this sweetness, the more you want … Live chating potnstar.

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