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Karenina no longer attempt to get away, she just sat and watched the girl’s eyes.

Natasha also did not say anything for a long time and listened eyes Susie. Lord, what they were timid at this moment!

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What angelic! Natasha looked down below. Lips.

Ksyushiny lips looked so inviting and welcome! The girl could not resist and gently touched them.

Xenia said. Natasha reluctantly pulled back a little and looked back Ksjushe in her green eyes.

“That’s better,” – she thought.
In the eyes of the angelic look now joined by twinkle eyes sparkled usual devilish enticing luster.

Appeared on his lips barely noticeable smile touching. A little embarrassed.

This Ksjushu Natasha as she remembered, had never seen. But this news is even more intrigued by her.

By the way, Natasha at that moment she was changed.
“In you I see myself – thought Ksenia – now we, as mirrors of each other”
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