Chatingsex. Why then do live? – Sighing heavily, my grandmother said Vera. – You know what I say?

Let’s go to me. I’ll give you hot tea.

From pancakes – gently smiling, she suggested.

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An hour later, she was sitting at a party at Vera Petrovna and drank a delicious hot tea with no less delicious fresh pancakes.

Spread on the table a white tablecloth, and on it – a beautiful service. As it turned out, it was a gift to her grandson’s seventieth anniversary.

– And my grandson so cute. Come to me and start something to tell, and he eats pancakes.

How obmazhetsya jam, it is generally funny picture – all mouth red! This is a must see!

Says, you have me, my grandmother, the best! Well clean, babe! – Fun smiling, told Vera.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.
– It’s probably Misha came – hurried to the door of a caring grandmother. Chatingsex.


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