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Chat seks. He saw me in the mirror, frowned and turned sharply.

– What are you staring at?

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I broke out.

I, of course, caught red-handed, but not same to bark at his sister.
– I knocked, – I said reasonably.

– Do not wait for an answer and broke – he nodded.
– Yes, I just take things!

– What?
– By car …
Andrew looked where I showed took my clothes and put my hands on.

Before I had time to squeak, pushed me into the hall and slammed the door.
– Ham! – I snapped, rubbing his forehead bruised door.

To my shame, I forget that I could not. His image was constantly before my eyes when I encountered him on the short second in the hallway, at the table, and at night listening to the creaking of his bed through the wall.

Moreover, he was to embarrass me. Each time, meeting his gaze, I felt uncomfortably close to the consternation. Chat seks.

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