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– No. Let them look. And we look at them – with a smile, said Lisa.

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Girls sat well. After toasting for them, bringing joy to men, for their incredible beauty, all drank a couple of times, eating chocolates.

Then Andrew began to tell stories of his military life. It turned out he was only a week ago, returned from the army, having served two terms in the contract.

Three hours later, after the “raid” on the flat, a little tipsy and happy girlfriend went outside. Agreeing that Lisa will go tomorrow night to Tamara, learn about first date with Andrew, the girls left.

– Well, tell me, how did the evening? What was that? – Lisa asked her friend, just being in her room.

– Everything was – said Tamara, smiling and wanting to answer a question until a girlfriend, she added. – And the sex was.
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