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To at least – that put out this painful feeling I felt now ….
Morning terrible headache.

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In the mouth was a nasty aftertaste. Yesterday’s struggle with himself led to success.

But he was not final. I needed time.

All day long I wandered aimlessly around the house. Wanted nothing to do.

Only in the evening I went out into the street. Foot reached the nearest cinema, bought a ticket for the next session.

The film was quite good, in the end, I was involved and even stopped thinking about Pauline. For a few minutes, maybe even ten minutes.

– Have you ever kissed? – Lesch said Pauline.
– Of course, kiss, – said the fat girl, blushing a little – I’ve already twenty years old, boys.

– And I have with anyone – Kirill said sadly. – Although I will soon be sixteen.
– I, too, – said Lesch, plucking a blade of grass – and I Katka of “B” class kisser.

– And how? – Vividly interested in Cyril.
– Cool, – said Lesch – her lips are so soft. Sex vidyo chat.

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