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We just have boring, I think you also do not talk Protva.
– -Okay.

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Put the kettle on.
Katya went to the kitchen, and I went to his komnau.

– -Devchenki Name a cup of tea. Let’S Go?
– -Let’S Go.

Outside the window, the wind whistled. Lantern swinging in the yard, like a ship in a storm.

People could not see. Only rare single machine.

And it feels like to go somewhere? Think of summer, sea, sun.

Before the eyes of the girl in a swimsuit surfaced. Oh, something I changed my mind.

We have to go into the kitchen. Mishka is already out.

I tagged along behind him. Katya Galya – were sitting on the seating in the corner of the kitchen, my friend – on a perpendicular section.

In front of them – a small table.
– -What A sad? – Asked Galya.

– Yeah I do not know. Onlinesexchat com.

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