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A few minutes passed. Andrew drank tea and ate all the cookies.

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Now he was fully engaged in the study of the female body. Using the fact that Vick is not looking at him, he began to fidget in place, trying to slit gown once again see her breasts.

But bend it somehow did not dare. Vick got tired of waiting.

– Well, drank his tea – up from the magazine she asked.
He kivul.

– Still want?
– Nope.
– Okay, then throw off clothes and march to the bathroom – skomadovala Wick and got up to bring out of the bedroom a fresh towel.

When she returned Andrew sat and picked feet in the carpet.
– Why do not you undress?

Feel free to me?
He shrugged. She walked over and patted his hair.

– Andrew, I do not need to be ashamed of. Live chat sex indo.

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