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Tomorrow is another day, as we are taught Russian proverb.
Alice scratched his nose.

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– You see, dear business lady – she chuckled. – In any case I was going to give up their innocence, because tired of being the black sheep in the classroom.
– Akseleratov – dropped Parliament.

– It’s better than imbeciles, – retorted companion. – I, frankly, and it is assumed that you did suggest something like that. Basically, I’m not going otbrykivatsya though think on this subject is worth. “Such questions, dear Ambassador, with kondachka not dare,” – she quoted the words of the film “Ivan Vasilievich”. – Additional Terms will be?

– Smart girl – I’m glad grinned. – You’re a little too advanced for his age … You do fourteen?

– With half – Alice nodded.
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