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Naturally I also showed interest, but without binoculars nothing special found.

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– Can you imagine a company where the guys next door watching porn on the big screen!
We both laughed loudly.

– Cho, like porn?
– At itself look? Vaughn, the window.

I took a pair of binoculars, but the right window is not immediately found. And sure enough, on the big screen, even with binoculars from such a distance could be seen on the screen clearly fucked.

– In fucking give. Even draped curtains do not – I spoke.

– Yes, they are, I suppose, so plunged in view that they are not up to the windows! – We laughed again – interesting, but then they, too, masturbation together will? – Continuing fierce Olka probably obviously wanting me to overstrained stomach with laughter.
– I do not know how to masturbation, and will be desperate to masturbate! – I said with a laugh.

– However, something you got carried away, let me! – And a friend began to take my binoculars.
– What, you want to consider the story? – I pinned.

– You know, I think I know whose windows, and that for the company – I suggested before Olka pretend seasoned spy with binoculars in hand. – Not that personally familiar – something we live in neighboring houses. Besplatan sex chat.

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