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“Great feature” – said to myself, – “Indeed, that someone will get happiness when he grows up!”

At night all slept like a log. Hard to say the transition and sexual exercises.

A morning was overcast, well at least that the rain was not expected, but the mood was gloomy at me, it is often dependent on the weather. Children, on the contrary, jumped in joyful anticipation of new fun.

They were ready to repeat the lessons learned immediately, but strict mother drove them to wash and brush your teeth.
After breakfast, the children wanted to immediately surrender to sexual pleasures, apparently suffered from morning hormonal surge, but Kate, when yet realized that without them in this way would be of little use to make a pre-ordered sanitation.

– You have to remember – she told them – that sex should always be performed in a clean, otherwise very easy to pick up any infection. – So it all had to be washed away, while today we Angela tempted each other, and Kate – Denis.
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