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Live chat 18. Randal watched in horror terribly burnt, charred mother places.

While Marid fed them so hard to bring-fruit, she staggered, not realizing it, went there, just returned from Maridi. When he noticed that she was not, it was too late.

Standing knee-deep in the ashes, she looked up. Charred fallen from the sky by fire were trees surrounding a black wall scorched RSR-dine forest clearing.

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She looked up, because I could not see the charred remains of stinking nauseous.
The survivors have died in their arms.

None of them survived long climb. None of them are no longer saw his home.

The next day, she again came down here to plant in a cooled ashes lovely red and blue flowers. It has become a ritual for her for many years.

Contrary to the expectations …, not their race became extinct. Live chat 18.

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