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Your hair fall off your shoulders. Beautiful … No, ideal …

Your hands glide over the keys, creating wonderful sound. What’s this?

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I have not heard of this before. Unless people can do this?

No, you’re not human. You – an angel in the flesh, the guy from the future …

The clock strikes midnight. You’re frowning, but not open my eyes.

I like to just stand there and watch you.
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Again frowns and shakes its head, trying to get rid of the stimulus, but it is impossible. Then I come to you quietly and gently, as if afraid to break a crystal vase, removes curl with your face.

The melody breaks. You open your eyes and sharp turns to me.

You look and say something, and I just smile.
– You’re back … – smile on his lips, and his eyes sad.

– Of course. Lesbies chat.

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