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Swarthy pointy war in brilliant scaly armor roughly laughed at what is happening. Behind them on the flat horizon seemed sizzling yellow disk.

Sir Robert tried to sit up. Through gritted teeth broke dull roar, he was stripped naked.

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Hand-foot firmly intercepted thick ropes.
Mamelukes digress for a moment from his sight.

One of them pointed to the knight gnarled finger and croaked something in their own language, the rest pretty laughed.
– You’re not dead, brother – a familiar voice rasped behind – and I was hoping that the heavens take pity on you …

– What happens? – Absolutely calmly said De Noe – Who are they, brother?
– They are warriors Al-Amal, the emir of the Egyptian Mamelukes.

It is because of them our company ended so badly. Indian bhabi se chat.

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