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– Thank you for taking care of Misha, I really lie down, overcame a bit of that something.

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She moved to the couch and lay his head on the pillow slip the Bear, and instantly fell asleep.

I woke up exactly half an hour, as ordered.
Quite stretched and sharply shaking off the remnants of laziness, stood up.

Bears in the hut was not and she went out, taking your tablet with papers. Bear waiting for her, already dressed in a robe with a backpack full of craters resin, which had to be replaced by something where the trees.

– Rested, Svetlana V.? Then go ahead.

– Michael, I have to ask of you. Call me light, we’re not in the office, and vykat not necessary, I’m not too old yet. Freenosignupsexchat.


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