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Natasha knew a lot about life in the 24 years. At least she thought so.

Therefore, the first in the life of a trip to an unfamiliar city without accompanying was not something supernatural. Lightweight suitcase on wheels, handbags, in that fits everything you need and do not need a train ticket round trip – that’s enough to go on a three-day trip, two days of which was to take place in the train.

At the station, it has not been accompanied, in addition to hum a faceless crowd and two rows of uniform gray buildings on the sides of the road.
She sat in a compartment in which she was riding except only one person, and he is extremely taciturn, and began to pore first to mind, contract and different accounting papers that she had to take him to the N-ch, and then, when I realized that it does not have anyone to business, glossy magazine, half filled with advertisements. 123 flash chat sex.

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