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In this fifth … the whole point …
Unlike us, it is not wrapped in a black collar navy overcoat, cursing the bad weather and the eternal cold of Murmansk.

He has not adhered peakless cap hand, so it does not fly away, caught wind that blew through us as soon as we left the cabin warm UAZ.
He was not breathing now and then on the reddened, cold hands, trying to warm them a little bit.

Our “fifth” lay quietly in the two-meter zinc box trimmed with top not planed pine boards. And it has nothing to care.

Absolutely nothing …
“Cargo 200″. This was our “fifth” …

And the four of us were his “escort” …
Here it is, the most disgusting in the Fleet task that they could charge.

Worse than a hundred outfits out of turn. Worse than a thousand night watches and guards. Face to face webcams.

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