Chating chut.

Chating chut. We had to …
– A touch them had?

Chating chut.
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– Alexander K. asked …
– Well, I beg you! Please!

– How are you going next, sir …
Frosya stretches handle touches it before I rebelled and trembled at her touch ka, then takes it in her palm and starts stroking.

– Here, you see how good it is you get – I said encouragingly.
And going, was still ask for a favor, I hear:
– Froska!

Where are you?
– This nurse is coming! – Whispered the girl, jumps, turns out to be one jump from the manhole, closes it and slowly on tsipochkah back to me.

– What is she suddenly announced? – Also in a whisper I ask, again embracing and hugging her to him.
– I do not know.

One can see somewhere to go and took came to call me, so with the kids sat.
Meanwhile, we have already heard a voice steps:
– Froska! Chating chut.

Chating chut.

Chating chut.
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