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Second – Rodion. His exact opposite.

Education – Secondary School. The work, which go just out of despair, I guess.

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Since wages enough to eat and … In general, particularly not clear.

Family never had, for this reason, and children were not observed.
Quite different, but they continued to keep in touch.

Congratulated each other on holidays, sometimes met, exchanged news.
That is one of those holidays, namely DR Rodion happened and the events that changed the lives of both heroes.

Rodion approaching birthday, and Vladislav, remembering the week before, now thinking about the present. Platitudes he did not like, and nothing good after several days of deliberation had not occurred.

Vladislav decided not to break your head over and dialed Rodion. His question regarding “what to give,” from As expected, heard about the future birthday “something to your taste.” Suddenly find themselves Vladislav angry at his friend, who did not help, and quipped, hitting one of the most sensitive soul strings Rodion “Let me you girl to take off the whole evening. Cam sex chat bot.

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