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I decided to freshen up a bit and went to the open balcony. In the face of the cool night breeze blew.

Nick came up to me and hugged me.

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– Kira, and let’s try something? – She whispered and kissed my neck.

My body shiver.
Nick unzipped my dress, pulled the straps.

Dress easily slipped on the floor. Immediately on the floor were small and panties.

Bra I was wearing that night. Nick gently massaged my breasts, pinching her nipples.

Then her hands slid over my body and dove between her legs. She stroked my shaved pussy, which is already quite flowed.

– Honey, you’re so excited – Nick sang.
We lay on the wide bed.

Nick took off her light sarafan, under which there was no underwear. I lay back, Nick leaned over me.

We kissed passionately. Afrika webcam sexs.

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