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There was silence around the sun … … only the chirping of wild birds … and light warm breeze disturbed the leaves, emeralds on Beryozki ….

Yes, and curious ant climbing on the heel, crawled forward … legs tickling someone’s knee ….

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Sailor Vyacheslav shahs
Dedicated to …

So do not expect happiness,
So wait – end:
Soldier’s Salute

And in the chest – lead.
Square letters:
Ink and spell!

For the sleep of death
No one is old!
Marina Tsvetaeva.

Murmansk escorted us cold rain.
So cold that I felt as if among the caustic water droplets have come across the first, half-melted ice crystals.

We arrived at the train station late at night. Green naval UAZ took us directly to the train onto the platform.

There were five. Two sailors – Sergey Troshin and I midshipman Torchyn – our commander and sergeant second article Vladimir Trofimov, the chauffeur. Sexul chat with aunty.

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