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It seems pretty well. Wu Di lips are not at all – tastes like rubber, although he is handsome.

But I’m looking for some of his, and he, poor fellow, a wolf howls. Ha!

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About me nothing to say …..
Well, these lessons are not naked, and after them I’m down such as if bathed in itself.

When Dee lick, I come up with, it’s Daddy. I tell him my lips, what he tormentor, he got me and I want to drown it in their saliva that he zahryukaet there and choked nafig.

Dad happy bastard. I wonder if he feels? ..

After this film I will most experienced Guria, geisha, courtesan, etc. No, no, of course, it’s not me, it’s Beatrice.

Oh, God.
– 28 September-

Today I came on set.
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