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– What else would you like?

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– To touch what I see and kiss!

– Here, here! That’s it?
– No, of course, my desire is immense.

But until I’m ready and confine it. Can I kiss you on the lips?

I pull her own hands, bows of her neck, his mouth finding her and our lips merge in a long kiss.
– Yes you are, it turns out, not only in the books to understand, – not with reproach, not with praise she says. – Who taught you to kiss?

– The teacher had a few, but I’m still looking for a mentor. I hope you will not refuse me the necessary lessons?

– What are the lessons you still need? – She asks, not denying me a kiss again, but fighting off attempts to uncover the blanket.
– It was like you, Irina! Lesbian stranger chats.

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