Freesexchating. My head is spinning, bloody cloud of thoughts, the main of which was the realization that she had betrayed Michiru changed with a friend.

Blonde felt shame.
“Michiru gave me so much love!

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How could I be so irresponsible? “- Mentally reproached myself over and over again girl. “I betrayed her feelings, I’m selfish.”
One look at Usagi and she had doubted, and whether she liked Michiru look to another strontium, comes the understanding that it connects with Usagi only passion.

“This baby quiet pool with devils” – the thought flashed on the basis of memories of that long-haired blonde with her to create.
– What is it all the same?

Where is the truth? – She whispered to herself. I love Michiru, but that between me and Usagi’s not just ….

– Just a minute craze! – Said waking up, a few minutes ago, Usagi. Freesexchating.


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