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They invited him for his birthday, saying that there will be only those whom he knows. The guy agreed.

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At the appointed time he came with flowers and gifts. In a suit and tie.

Behind his back hung blazing guitar in a black case. Seeing his gallant appearance, the girls giggled, but Elena told them that a guest in her house has the same rights as everyone else.

This, of course, was the irony, but for a guy impressed, and he calmed down.
Congratulating the birthday, he asked the hostess.

– Where are the other guests? That’s all?

Elena turned to face him, almost came close topless chest.
– And you a little?

– No, – embarrassed, he said, – I thought would be more people …
– Believe me, you, and that’s enough! – And she retorted, smiling mysteriously, went to her friends. Freelivehindiadultchat.


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