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Exactly 19.00, from the window of his car, parked near the cafe, I see the light entering the cafe.

It is in tight leggings, high heels, free opaque blouse with a very noticeable cleavage.

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Well, let’s further squeezed.

I go to the cafe, there is not a lot of people, but still there. I went over to the table, and deliberately not muted voices asking:
– Wore pants?

She was very embarrassed, and said, looking down
– No, sir.
– I do not hear, louder!

– No, sir! She said louder
– What is not?

– Your slut dressed not cowards, and because you have ordered.
Responded pretty girl and lowered his gaze.

– Well, I opened the package, which he brought with him, and took out several positions of sex shops. Pulled vaginal balls with remote switching vibration anal plug sufficiently large diameter, and the end, which is exactly stick out from under her skin-tight leggings, a pair of clamps on her nipples.

– You have 5 minutes to put it all … Line chatsex indonesia.

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