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Without love as an endangered rare species.
– Oh, that’s how! – Oksana even surprised.

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The boy is clearly not devoid of intelligence and charm and charisma. And combined with his manly juicy, three-day stubble …

The evening promises to be fun and not dull. – Hmm … And you, young man, therefore, and is the same, an endangered species?

He smiles, squeezing her hands to cool coffee mug:
– You never know, you never know …
Oksana also smiles and makes inviting gesture:
– Can sit down at the table?

Have a drink and chat. By the way, my name is Oksana.

– Oleg! – Knight readily accepts the invitation.
About coffee Oleg somehow immediately forgotten by going to a whole pack of cocktails promptly ordered Oksana. Webcamesex chet.

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