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I do not hear the answer.

But judging by the fact that it says further, we are talking about me:

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– How do I know where he is. I offered him a ride on horseback, but he refused.

Look for it properly and do give him this note … or not …
She abruptly stands up, walks to the door unlocks and opens it, picks up a piece of paper and says:
– I’ll do it myself.

But then. And you still find him and tell him everything that was told to me …

And do not disturb me anymore, let sleep …
26. Ms. Selivanov.

– So, – appeals to me, Mrs. Selivanov, when we remain alone – if I understood correctly, your stay in the estate as Ullmann would be illegal?

– Yes, like, – I agree, shifting from foot to foot.
– And why the same kind of leprosy, if not a secret, your parents forced to take this step? Tamil sex chating.

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