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– What – in any way?

What do you mean? – For some reason I could not scream. Words escaped with difficulty.

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– It will not work – Kiser hopelessly sighed and knocked again half stack – yes, you’re right … I’m crazy.

– Wait … What does a girl?
– I like. Pregnant.

Roma, why are you silent.
– And you ???

– And I’m not talking … – he issued a strange sound and thundering dropped a pile on the table. Then he buried his face in his hands and wept.

I felt that I was losing composure … By pulling pieces out of the chaos a few relevant thoughts, I tried to help him.

– Roma, let’s think logically … Marry for you – not an option.

Think of how many days you chokneshsya of children crying and diapering? From the impossibility of smoking in the home and sleep for a few hours at a time of day when you need it? Nude web cam chat.

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