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Flashed home, tram stops.

Gray, mud, Catherine herself was disgusted with himself – stout, skirt pops, old jacket. And he sits behind the wheel – a sporty, in a blue sweater with a cigarette.

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And why such a chic for carting come from?
– You can smoke? – Katerina bolder.

He shook his head, it was necessary to understand that it is possible.
Catherine pulled a cigarette out of the bag, lit it, and dragged slightly opened window.

– Close the cold – he responded immediately.
Catherine had to exhale the smoke in the cabin, she herself did not like this, although smoked long and passionately.

– You many years? – Suddenly he asked.
– Twenty-five, – said Katerina.

– Why are you in twenty-five years, this nightstand?
Katerina confused.

At heart she herself used to call and constantly reproached, but when a stranger …
– What are you poking me! – She protested.

– Come on, come on! Chaturbate japan.

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