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When he approached me, I felt his smell, which I really liked. As if by chance Alex touched my bare feet and I froze …

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– Do you always walk alone?
– No, but ..
.. At this point, his lips found mine and we started kissing.

His hands slipped under my topic and already caressing nipples. He was one of those men who know how to make a nice woman and my pussy began to flow …

I suddenly felt like a bitch, even though she knew what had happened to tell her husband, because I was ashamed. But Alexei measured continued the business.

I got the feeling that he did not expect the response caresses. He lifted my skirt, pushed her panties and started licking my wet pussy and then unceremoniously just took it and went into me.

– You excited me even there, on the bench of his skirt. Austria sex chat.

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