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– If you polizhesh me – and then I’ll suck. Said that as Katkalo

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– How’s that?

What lick?
– Here. Katka has shown with legs apart and folds pussy opening already moisten pink content with sticking tubercle small clitoris.

– This is why?
– And you did the girls in the village not licked?

– No (I certainly kiss kiss, but why the heck “out there” I did not know a lick, looking at porn, I do not understand – why do it, I thought chicks fucked by simply dragged).
– And they agreed to suck, just like that.

– Yes, they like it.
– And swallow?
– Of Course.

– And they did not ask you to lick?
– Nope.
– Fools they were!

– Why is that?
– Suck and – nothing in return!

– I fucked them, they liked. (The word fuck in use then, for some reason, absent).
– You said that just fucked Inga and Natasha Tselkov remained.

– So I did it and how you drove on pussy, she went mad (Natasha really went mad from it). Tamil sex chat with girl.

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