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Lena anxiously rubbed ass.

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– Mom, may not have to, and I hurt so much.

– You should be hurt, the only way you learn to take responsibility for their actions. Therefore the good you do not understand, I am already convinced.

Now take off your pants and shirt, so as not to interfere.
Lena reluctantly for the second time today, took off her panties and pulled a T-shirt.

Now she was in a bra, which set off right … and the beauty of her breasts.
– Clever, now lie down on the bed ass up – cheerfully said Light.

Lena lay on the edge of the bed and waited for his fate. Svetlana, meanwhile, took out of the closet the old leather strap of her husband and went to bed.

Redness has subsided a bit, Lenkina ass was pink, but in some places stood out large bruises. Omegle live sex chat.

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