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As for me and for our hostess, it all started with feelings of shame and embarrassment.
I was tormented by these emotions because of the fact that I managed the first night of his stay in Moscow, “ignite” a woman Godea my mother, who was originally assigned the role of my patron saint, and now it was completely unclear how to carry on with her .
Svetlana was even worse, as her drunken behavior at night, and did not fit into any moral imperatives.

But most of all me and it weighed on the presence in the apartment of three strange men.
Unlike us, Andrew, Michael and Valerie, feel absolutely comfortable, thriftily.

Not bothering to dress, flaunting the apartment in his underwear, they most boorish manner joked about me and Svetlana.
– And I know guys that Sasha our beautiful rushing immediately seen.

– Yes, the age, the only overcame us, the young bird flew into bed.
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