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– Where it? – Chunky approached unshaven type on the couch.

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– On the chair.

Dan, help, – Ordered unshaven, casting a glance at the girl.
From the next room, apparently the kitchen, came the same driver that lured game in a minibus.

He pushed one of the wooden chairs from under the table and set in the middle of the room. The girl sat and Chunky waved his fist in her face with tattoos on his fingers:
– Sit still, slut.

It Is Clear?
Ira nodded fearfully.

– Dan, not just stand there – start – Unshaven launched lying next hand bag and threw to Dan digital camera. Tol easily caught him and, turning, brought the lens at the girl.

– Well ka, Gyulchataj, show face – followed by three short flashes. Live malayalm sex chat.

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