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Jasmin live mobile. And it seemed to me that in her voice slipped notes of horror.

– Call the ambulance and the police ??? – Stuttering asked vahtersha.

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– Do not villains ever paid in full, and with this, pointing at my bloody head, I can handle myself.

I’ll leave it there for a few minutes, you have to call the elevator, I will not keep it until it will go down.
Soon we were near my room, she leaned me against the wall to open the door until my savior fumbled with the lock, I slowly slid down the wall, trembling shudder my body, tears stream flowed from his eyes.

– The horror … They …. I …. …

Voice – that is all that could be heard through her sobs.
Haruka knelt down, gave me a hug and gently stroking the dirty, bloody and messy hair said:
– SHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSH, it’s over, I’m here, do not be afraid, I am with you. Jasmin live mobile.

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