Sexchating. At you spent the money, money and power.

Now you guinea genes. And with that something must be done.

We will refund you on a couple of levels higher, but you will have to change.

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– Well, it’s not the first one.

– Only you do not Gloria, you’re not a zebra or À. You’re an empty vessel that needs to be worked out with maximum efficiency …
– How Luda? – I felt the tears well up.

– True, but Luda itself held up, so she was. You will need to decide on a whole bunch of features and change them, but human data collection, the choice is almost there.

– And what do I do? I can not choose a box set?
– Right.

You should choose herself and almost with your eyes closed, it’s part of the experiment, there should be no coincidence when you exit the dummy …
The most terrifying words were uttered. Sexchating.


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