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Xxxchat random. It has already begun, but it was the preamble, and now … now I’m going to give you what you want, Game swallow and carry us, but every word, every gesture becomes very important.

The fragile line between game and reality is so easy to destroy … My face has changed, became worried worrisome, and you get scared.

It was a game, you know that it should happen, but succumbed to the naturalness and sincerity Mlikh feelings and too anxious and looked at me questioningly.

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“What is it?”
“Time – I said – we were late.” My voice trembled slightly wilted.

You looked at the clock – it was the beginning of the eighth. Nearly two hours passed behind my coffee, which managed to cool down, and you have not had time to notice.

Then you realized that I was upset (and how upset!) And laughed with relief. Xxxchat random.

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